Vorhin Vorbeigerauscht: „LuHnau“ 🇦🇬

The vessel departed from HAMBURG, DE on 2020-06-22 20:56 LT (UTC +2) and is currently sailing at 6.4 knots with West direction heading to SUNDERLAND, GB with reported Estimated Time of Arrival at 2020-06-24 19:00 LT (UTC +2) local time (in 2 hours, 53 minutes )

What kind of ship is this?
LUHNAU (IMO: 9213595) is a General Cargo that was built in 2007 (13 years ago) and is sailing under the flag of Antigua Barbuda.
It’s carrying capacity is 3720 t DWT and her current draught is reported to be 5.6 meters. Her length overall (LOA) is 87.84 meters and her width is 12.8 meters.

dddd https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/llanddulas-raynes-jetty-used-german-9262711

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